Outsourced Technology Services

Call on technological expertise when your situation demands it … or even when it doesn’t.

Why do so few small businesses have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or even an IT technician on staff? The answer is simple enough: experts cost a lot of money, and there wouldn’t be enough to keep them busy on a daily basis. Still—from time-to-time—IT expertise comes in handy. SynchroNet’s IT Outsourcing and Virtual CIO (vCIO) services are your cost-effective answers.

A vCIO is critical for small and midsized businesses that rely heavily on technology. After all, IT is a driving force for businesses’ improvement, and having a plan for this part of your operation will keep your company on the cutting edge of technological advancement.

Benefits of Our Outsourced Technology Services

Leverage our vCIO service for guidance in choosing and implementing technology to help your business expand. Our outsourced technology services include an IT overview with strategies for increasing productivity from your current technology. You’ll also hear recommendations regarding emerging technologies to get your business on the path to greater future productivity. Our process assures you will never have to spend money on unnecessary IT again!

In addition to our vCIO service, we also offer outsourced technology services that cover:

  • Scalable, office move-planning services and cable installations that ensure your investments will not become obsolete as your company grows
  • On-demand IT assistance and repair services that are reliable and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comprehensive firewall and anti-virus and malware security/protection that includes design, implementation and secure data management, including ongoing management of these critical business systems.

With SynchroNet’s vCIO/IT Outsourcing project services, you can inexpensively enlist all the expertise your business will need to design the ideal IT system for today … and keep it running smoothly for the foreseeable future.


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