Complying with the New York Shield Act

New York Shield Act-Crash Course

You are responsible for making sure that people's personal information is kept secure. The SHIELD Act, which was signed into place by the NY governor, requires that all businesses take the necessary safety precautions to keep information secure.

Is My Business Exempt From The New York Shield Act?

The NY Shield ACT-No Exceptions

Cybersecurity is a major issue with both small businesses and large businesses. That is why many states are doing things in order to help businesses safe. The governor of New York recently signed the Stop Hacks And Improve Data Security Act, which is also known as the SHIELD Act.

Technical Safeguards and the New York Shield Act

NY Shield Act-Technical Safeguards

Under the New York Shield Act, the goal is to lower the risk that confidential information would fall into the hands of hackers. All businesses under this law must take appropriate security measures to guard sensitive customer information.

Physical Safeguards and the New York Shield Act

NY Shield-Physical Safeguards

When many people think about cybersecurity, they only think about the type of technology that they need to use. However, there are physical safeguards that you need to use in order to comply with the SHIELD act and keep information safe.

SynchroNet Managed IT and the New York Shield Act

New York State passed the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act in July 2019. The law aimed to bring all business owners up to a minimum in security standard, and those who violate this law will suffer the consequences. Companies that fail to meet the cybersecurity standards will face a civil penalty of $5,000 per violation.

SynchroNet Protects You from Hackers and Ransomware

Many horror stories exist where business owners shrugged off internet security, and it led to heartbreaking consequences. People have lost entire businesses overnight because of ransomware that came in, captured their data, and locked them out. They threatened that if the business owner didn't pay the ransom, they'd destroy it all.

How Managed IT Helps You Manage Your Business

Getting value from managed IT services is not difficult. Services like the ones from SynchroNet will boost productivity by allowing you to carry out your daily operations more easily. Crashed networks bring your business to a standstill, costing you thousands of dollars.

How Managed IT Saves You Money

Believe it or not, your company could save money from managed IT services. You have many ways that these services help companies to save money. For one thing, the productivity boost leads to more business. Through outsourcing your IT, you have competent professionals who can give you practical advice that solves problems fast.

The Benefits Of Managed IT

SynchroNet, a managed IT service provider dedicated to technology, can help you with keeping your business IT plan on track. We will help you to achieve your goals. If you look at some of the top benefits that you would receive from going with SynchroNet, you see that they include:

Eliminating downtime
Predictable monthly costs
Increasing security
Staying compliant
Focusing on your competencies
Making it an even fight

Predictable Monthly Costs
Businesses thrive on predictable expenses because they need this understanding to know how to proceed.