Email Management

Turn email problems into productivity gains.

Despite competition from texting, instant messaging and social networking, email remains essential to business operations. The challenge is to eliminate email as a security risk while enhancing its inherent usefulness. SynchroNet can provide you with a security and management system that does just that.

Professionally Managed Business E-mail

We put small and midsized businesses in control of their email resources with a comprehensive security and archiving structure. Once in place, you’ll be able to:

  • Check your email without fear – Our email management system—ManageMySpam—keeps your inbox free of SPAM, viruses, worms and other email-borne malware.
  • Stay in touch while out of the office – We’ll set you up for secure smartphone or remote computer access to your messages.
  • Save and easily access important messages – Quickly locate and recall archived inbound and outbound messages (and attachments) with indexing and flexible search capabilities.
  • Take a load off your servers – By reducing the storage demands placed on your servers from unmanaged email, you’ll increase operational efficiency.
  • Comply with government regulations – For some businesses, such as healthcare or financial services providers, how you manage your email is a serious legal matter.
  • Ensure privacy – In conjunction with applications handling sensitive data, email encryption is a must.

Secure Your Company E-mail

Let SynchroNet show you how email can be remade into a more valuable and functional communication tool that also protects and preserves important information.


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