Infrastructure Virtualization

Increase computing capacity and efficiency while cutting costs at the same time.

What exactly is “server virtualization”? This is the partitioning of one or more classic physical server(s) into many virtual servers to maximize resources on that hardware. And according to InfoWorld, it’s “a game-changing technology for IT, providing efficiencies and capabilities that just aren't possible when constrained within a physical world.” In other words, you get a lot more functionality from the same equipment, while saving money on hardware, maintenance, cooling, electricity … and SynchroNet can set you up! This special combination blasts productivity out of the park!!

Server Management & Optimization

We’ll add a component of flexibility to your systems that you haven’t seen before. Our infrastructure optimization service will improve your performance and enhance utilization—as we efficiently apportion workloads within the confines of a server. It’s the technological equivalent of not putting all your eggs in the same basket, while delivering such benefits as:

  • Improved (faster) application performance
  • Quicker recovery from a network system failure
  • Reducing the number of physical servers you need
  • Lowered energy bill
  • Better long-term use of your IT investment dollar

Infrastructure virtualization is in a class by itself when it comes to quick and significant return on a very small investment. Let SynchroNet’s experts show you how to simplify your IT infrastructure, improve system reliability, and save money!


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