Nine Reasons to Choose SynchroNet

Small and midsize businesses in Western New York should expect more from their IT optimization partners, namely:

If you see IT expenditures as just one more “cost of doing business” we’re ready to suggest another view: How about technology as a profit center? While enabling our clients to reduce expenses associated with managing their IT networks (27% on average!), we are also helping them maximize system performance and enhance personnel productivity in ways that contribute to a more robust bottom line.

We understand your skills probably lie beyond IT, so you likely won’t have much patience with “geek-speak” or “techno-babble.” If you would prefer an IT managed services provider who quickly grasps your concerns and objectives, and then explains appropriate solutions in simple, easy-to-digest language, talk to us.

If we can’t improve your circumstances, we tell you right away. We never begin any project or implement any service without first evaluating your situation and alerting you to potential hazards. If risks are present, we’ll clearly explain them, and we’ll require your full authorization before work commences. And as a precaution, we will always back-up your data before beginning a job.

Project cost overruns and missed deadlines are unacceptable … and something you will never see from SynchroNet. That’s a promise. Nor will we hit you with hidden charges and extra fees—practices that we consider unethical. Instead, you’ll know what your investment will be before we start, and you’ll also know when the project will be finished. We can make this guarantee thanks to careful planning from an expert network design team that literally has decades of IT implementation experience.

Our fixed fee approach takes the mystery out of your technology bills. We know business owners like to keep a close eye on where their money goes, and we are determined to help them do so with billing that is clear, complete and correct. Be assured that no charge will ever appear on your bill that you did not authorize.

If a technical problem arises, you need answers and assistance—NOT a frustrating encounter with a voicemail system that goes nowhere. When a client calls us about a simple question or a major crisis, he or she will get a personal response from one of our experienced technicians within 60 minutes and most of the time, you will speak to a real person!

Businesses can’t afford down-time; they need and expect their computer networks to function properly … always. In response, our around-the-clock remote monitoring and management (RMM) service allows us to keep a constant, watchful eye on your systems and then apply fixes via a secure Internet connection—often before you even know a problem existed. And if we can’t resolve an issue remotely, we’ll dispatch a technician in most cases that same day!

No system is 100% trouble-free, but we keep little problems from becoming costly catastrophes through our proven best practices and our business continuity process. Perhaps for the first time ever, you’ll enjoy real peace-of-mind that your systems will stay healthy and that critical business data and records will remain safe.

SynchroNet takes the hassle and hardship out of managing the technology your business relies upon. We readily accept that responsibility and we don’t make excuses. Instead, we make technical problems go away. That’s our unconditional guarantee from the moment we earn your business.

Getting Started is Easy

Let SynchroNet make a difference in your business by giving you:

  • The tools you need
  • Standardized processes you can trust
  • The commitment to excellence you demand

Our recommendations, solutions and attention will always be tailored to improve your competitive advantage. We'll work with you to lower your risks, enhance your productivity, increase system functionality, and reduce capital expenditures.

Best of all, you'll know that SynchroNet has your back.

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