The Vulnerabilities of Modern Physical Security Systems

The advent of physical security devices that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a boon for hackers who see them as an expansion of the attack surface and an abundance of vectors. This could be a problem for business owners who equip their offices with devices such as IP cameras, smart lighting systems, electronic locks, cloud printers, and many others.

Endpoint Detection Response- AV, EDR, MDR?

What is Managed Detection and Response?

To answer this we have to start with endpoints. Endpoints are the ends of networks where users begin interacting with their devices. These devices include the likes of laptops, smartphones, computers, servers, and workstations.

What is the Cost of Data Loss?

More than half of businesses will experience a major technology or network disaster that will cost them thousands of dollars in restoration and repair costs.  And this number still doesn't include any lost sales, productivity, or even client goodwill that can tarnish the company's reputation due to the company being unable to fulfill its promises.

Managing Your Online Reputation Proactively

Now that you understand the problem and are conscious about managing your online business reputation properly, it is time to consider the quality of your products and services, and what you need to deliver to your customers.

Treating your employees and workers with respect and dignity as well as respecting your customers are the biggest keys to success.

Your Online Reputation: Taking Control

Online reputation can directly influence the overall growth of your business. You can manage it effectively and reach new heights if you understand how and where the internet starts contributing to the public perception of your company.

There are three different areas where the internet starts directly influencing an image of a company.

Password Grooming: Keeping Your Record Clean

Passwords are an indisputably important part of the modern digital age. But passwords aren't something we can create and then forget about.

In fact, our own lifestyle, fashion, and grooming habits have a lot in common with a solid password maintenance policy.

Business Continuity, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery by SynchroNet

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021 added a new dimension of importance to business continuity planning. Companies that had implemented solid data backup and disaster recovery plans found it easier to comply with social distancing restrictions because they were better positioned to migrate to work-from-home (WFH) operations, and this was made possible by remotely accessing data and apps that had been previously backed up.

Complying with the New York Shield Act

New York Shield Act-Crash Course

You are responsible for making sure that people's personal information is kept secure. The SHIELD Act, which was signed into place by the NY governor, requires that all businesses take the necessary safety precautions to keep information secure.