Data Backups and Your Cyber Security Strategy

We live in times when we all need to become familiar with the hard truths of cyber security in the 21st century. At SynchroNet, we strongly believe that our clients should be able to clearly understand how today's cyber threat environment directly affects them, and this is why we often state the following:

* You can't prevent cyber attacks in the manners we did a couple of decades ago.

Email Management Services by SynchroNet

Over the last couple of decades, quite a few means of digital messaging have emerged to ostensibly take the place of email in the workplace. Some of these efforts incorporate project management features along with social networking, but the business world has not shown a willingness to replace email, thus it remains as essential as ever in the 21st century.

Employee Training: Ingrained Protection Against Cyber Crime

SynchroNet recommends that you make a point of training your people in order to improve your company's cyber security. By scheduling regular training you'll be able to hold your employees accountable. Your employees will become more confident in their ability to recognize email threats such as phishing or spear phishing, leaving you confident in your employees.

Will Healthier Employees Weaken Your Data Security Immune System?

Good companies care about their employees. Sadly, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, supports the old admonition that we "always hurt the one we love." So while it's nice that businesses want to keep their workers fit, employee wellness programs may actually pose risks to the healthcare data of those very employees.