Protecting Your Business From Phishing

Protect Your Business from Phishing Through Staff Education and Training

The acclaimed television drama series "Mr. Robot," which ran on the USA Network through four seasons, focused on the chaotic life of an information security specialist who becomes embroiled with a radical group dedicated to hacktivism.

Choosing the Right Data Backup Plan for Your Business

Data protection and information security have become synonymous in the sense that they are both considered to be modern business processes. Trying to operate a business that relies on digital data requires adequate IT security planning and execution. What you need is a strategy that provides maximum protection without getting in the way of business operations or productivity.

Data Backups and Your Cyber Security Strategy

We live in times when we all need to become familiar with the hard truths of cyber security in the 21st century. At SynchroNet, we strongly believe that our clients should be able to clearly understand how today's cyber threat environment directly affects them, and this is why we often state the following:

* You can't prevent cyber attacks in the manners we did a couple of decades ago.

What is the Cost of Data Loss?

More than half of businesses will experience a major technology or network disaster that will cost them thousands of dollars in restoration and repair costs.  And this number still doesn't include any lost sales, productivity, or even client goodwill that can tarnish the company's reputation due to the company being unable to fulfill its promises.

Why You Need Cyber Security Today!

Small businesses are an essential part of our functioning economy. As consumers we need to do our part to keep these businesses running, but small business owners need to plan for the future. To most business people they think about long term profits, costs, and unexpected changes in the market.

The Best Managed IT Services in Buffalo

Is your small or medium sized business getting the attention it deserves? Great IT is the backbone of your business and choosing a team to work with can make all the difference.  There's many factors to consider when choosing a managed service provider, but we want to show why Synchronet is the best choice in Buffalo!
Best Support for Small and Medium sized Businesses
Our goal is to provide outstanding IT services to businesses that keep Buffalo thriving.

Can I Manage my Small Business IT Needs?

Every business owner knows how important it is to save money. This makes many companies to look at what departments are absolutely necessary. One of the main things that small businesses will look to cut is their IT department. But is self managing IT needs a smart business plan?
How much IT Support does your business need?
Every business will have different needs from their IT team.