Counting Down the Top 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Cybersecurity

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Jerry, Mini Jerry, and Lisa have teamed up to bring you a fast-paced countdown that’s designed to help you close the gaps in your defenses. Why? Because cybercrime is rampant, and a cyber attack could spell disaster for your business.

This program is designed for every business size – from sole proprietorships to businesses with fewer than 10 employees to growing enterprises of every size. Our goal is to help you close the gaps. We strive to be the expert IT partner to the organizations in our community whether we work together or not.

Did you know small and medium-sized businesses are juicy targets?

The statistics speak for themselves.


Cyber-attacks that target small businesses.


Small businesses that think they are too small for a cyber-attack. 14% – Small businesses that think their plan to mitigate cyber risks is “highly effective”.


Small businesses that feel they have no knowledge of how to prevent cyber-attack.

Source: “30 Surprising Small Business Cyber Security Statistics (2021)” published by Fundera, 2020.


Okay! Let the countdown begin!

We’ve created 24 minutes of free cybersecurity training videos just for you so that you’ll not only learn the “Top 10 Things You Can Do to Improve Cybersecurity” but also how and why to take those actions! Work your way through this list at your convenience, but be sure to implement what you learn right away to close the gaps and better protect yourself and your business from cybercrime!

Click on the videos below to get started! (Don’t have time to watch? Then skip to the next section to download our free whitepaper to read our list of recommended steps.

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