Security Assessments

Protect your business and customer data from hackers and cyber attacks.

Almost everyone locks their doors at night or when away from home. But sometimes they forgot to block an intruder’s entry through the garage or an open window. Or if they have a security alarm system, they forget to turn it on.

Detect Security Threats Before They Are Exposed

Likewise, business owners are usually aware that their organizations may be at risk from IT security breaches, but apart from the most rudimentary precautions, their organizations may be woefully vulnerable. And even if companies have safeguards to protect systems and data, they may not be employing those security measures in an effective manner. The scheduled process services of SynchroNet Security Assessment and Management is a must for your company’s protection.

Our comprehensive process protects vital records and data by:

  • Reviewing current security protocols and access lists
  • Identifying risks and vulnerabilities
  • Reporting findings, and offering recommendations for next steps
  • Assisting in development of security policies, and protocols
  • Implementing a security solution from the firewall level, to remote access … and to the desktop
  • Assure HIPAA-compliance or meaningful use (MU) procedures
  • Deliver ongoing security analysis and reporting processes
  • Provide system monitoring and response mechanisms

Business Data Backup and Protection

Remember, it’s not just your business records and financial well-being at risk from a malicious intrusion into your IT networks—your clients could be in danger as well. Make sure their information is protected and in compliance with government laws and regulations (especially healthcare and financial services customers). Contact SynchroNet for a Security Assessment today!


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