Remote Access Solutions

Do you have people on the road? Do you have decision-makers who need instant access to critical information at any time? Would you like more interaction with customers? Today, mobility and flexibility in conducting business are essential for staying competitive. But enabling employees, clients and key partners to stay connected isn’t just as simple as having a smartphone or a laptop with Wi-Fi.

Any remote access solution should also address these concerns:

  • Security – Make sure access is limited only to authorized system users
  • Connectivity – Authorized users must have reliable, 24/7 access to data, systems and each other
  • Mobility – Mobile devices and apps must be adequately supported
  • Compatibility – Device agnostic with support of MACs, Androids, Windows and iOS access to traditional Microsoft-based applications

Secure Mobile Access to Business Data

SynchroNet will cover all aspects of security, connectivity and mobility in devising, implementing and managing a remote access solution for your organization by:

  • Providing anywhere, anytime productivity collaboration among employees
  • Enabling managers to get the information they need to quickly make informed decisions
  • Recommending, deploying and supporting devices and systems to meet your specific needs
  • Meeting legal and industry requirements as mandated by such laws as HIPAA and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards

Controlled Remote Access - You Specify Who Has Access & What Information Can Be Accessed

Remote access to your network offers significant productivity gains and opportunities for growing your business, but it must be thoughtfully orchestrated and managed to deliver the ROI you expect. Let SynchroNet help you gain all the competitive advantages you’re anticipating.


Go to: HIPAA Best Practices / Implementation

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