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Today, companies are scrambling to adjust their workflow so they can stay in business. And many are discovering that their IT provider doesn't have the expertise or the resources to give them the support they need to succeed in today's challenging business environment.

If that sounds familiar, there's good news: at SynchroNet, we provide top-tier, reliable IT support at a fair flat rate with no surprises.

We've been delivering world-class IT Support to small & medium-sized businesses in the NY area for the past 22 years, and we're here to help get you through the years ahead—no matter what challenges you face along the way.

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Companies Transitioning To Remote Work Face 3 Big IT Challenges


You need a way to provide your employees with reliable access to everything they need to do their job.


And you need to do it in a way that keeps your network and your data safe and secure.


Finally, you need new tools to allow for communication and collaboration so your employees can be effective.

These are the biggest issues, but there are more—such as, how do you track employee productivity? How should you adjust workflow to make sure your team remains effective? What are the best practices of remote work?

The best way to navigate these challenges is with the help of a professional IT Support Provider with the resources, the expertise, and the dedication to excellence to help you succeed even during the most challenging of times.

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After a 15 minute technology consultation meeting, you will gain a better understanding of how using the right technology support process can dramatically improve your business’ bottom line.

Here's what you can expect from us:

  • Friendly, responsive service. We guarantee fast, responsive service when you call our dedicated helpline.
  • Cost-effective IT support. You'll get up-front pricing and flat-fee support with no surprise bills.
  • Fast, Secure Performance. We make sure your data and network are secure so you can rest easy.

We know these are trying times for a lot of businesses. That's why we're doing everything we can to serve our community by helping companies to stay in business until things return to normal.

You have my word that we'll do everything in our power to make sure your business is set up for success in the coming weeks and months, and we'll be there to support you every way we can.


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