Warning Signs of Inbox Overload

With 80,000 employees receiving an average of 100 emails each in their inbox, one French communications company, Atos, found that only about 15% of the messages were actually useful. To stem the tide, Atos took the seemingly radical step of banning internal emails (BBC News). As well, the Radicati Group reports that 42% of corporate email is ignored (if you've ever dismissed a 'return receipt' request, you know what we're talking about.

Is It Okay to Leave Your Phone Battery Charging Overnight?

We all know that leaving a gadget charger plugged in when not in use will kill polar bears and eventually cause the Earth to burst into flames. But more importantly, will it damage your smartphone to keep charging after the battery is full? According to an expert cited in this Digital Trends article, your phone will probably be okay ... even as Florida ends up under water from melted icecaps.

It’s the Holiday Season

It's the holiday season and for many of us-especially those who operate smaller professional service firms-that means closing up shop for a few days to spend time with friends and family. Here are a few things that should make the check list before locking your business doors.