What Information is AutoFill Giving Away?

We often address the subject of security, so we want to warn you about new trick being employed by hackers: the information AutoFill is giving away.

If you've ever completed an online registration for anything, you've probably encountered the "autofill" function used by Google Chrome, Safari and other programs.

Going Away for the Holidays?

This article may be a bit of a re-run, but we thought it still might be helpful to revisit (and supplement) the steps business owners and professionals should take if they're closing shop for a few days.

Let your customers know ahead of time that you'll be closed.

Website Hospitality for People with Disabilities

We know how the Biblical Christmas story goes, right? A key component of the narrative is "no room at the inn" for the very pregnant lady. So, in the spirit of the season, we thought we'd torture a metaphor and ask if your website is welcoming of people with special needs  ... or does it turn them away?

What prompted our inquiry was a recent blog about letters threatening business owners with legal action because their websites allegedly don't comply with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). As the official government website explains, "The ADA broadly protects the rights of individuals with disabilities in employment, access to State and local government services, places of public accommodation, transportation, and other important areas of American life.

Fearsome Amex Phishing Scam

We know this horror story: A trusted character is not who (or what) others think he is. Typically, movie audiences get to see the creature's eyes glow or go all black when the onscreen victim isn't looking. Devils behind a recent phishing scam that targeted American Express accounts, however, were fiendishly clever about hiding their tell-tale signs of evil.

Find Your Motivation … and Find Success

While we're exploring ways to make your company a more productive and profitable organization, it's also important not to forget about the individuals involved ... including you! That's where personal motivation comes into play. Fortunately, there are a few things that each of us can do to feel more energized and confident in meeting our day-to-day challenges.

Nine Ways to Make Managing Business Finances Easier

The tax-filing deadline is upon us. If you've recently had some uncomfortable conversations with your accountant, you may be wondering how to make the process go more smoothly in the future. You could start by using the following financial management tools and practices:

Accounting Software - You've probably heard of QuickBooks, but there are other excellent alternatives on the market as well.

But Sam I Am, I Like My White Spam!

Okay, so you have an e-mail inbox that's just bursting at the seams with critical updates, immensely important notifications and e-newsletters that will eventually unlock the mysteries of the universe and set you on the path to eternal bliss. Nevertheless, it all makes for more of a mess than you'd like.