Email and Cyber Security

SynchroNet recommends companies up their email game to improve their cybersecurity. Two simple steps can make a huge difference in securing a company's email. The first step begins by using a professionally managed email filter.

It's estimated that about 48% of global email is spam of one sort or another.

Everyday Tips To Prevent Being Hacked

The online world can be a dangerous place if you are not careful. There are cyber thieves that are just waiting to steal your information. Fortunately, the following security strategies will help you stay safe online.

Change the Way That You View Looking at the Internet

Many people do not think about all of the hidden risks that are associated with using the internet.

Phishing First Aid

Your work day has just begun. You're waiting for your coffee to cool enough to sip as your computer powers up. You open your email inbox. You see a message from your bank. You bemusedly wonder why your bank is sending a message to your work email rather than your personal address.

Will Healthier Employees Weaken Your Data Security Immune System?

Good companies care about their employees. Sadly, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, supports the old admonition that we "always hurt the one we love." So while it's nice that businesses want to keep their workers fit, employee wellness programs may actually pose risks to the healthcare data of those very employees.