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In the wake of the Ashley Madison fiasco, we started thinking about online reputation, warranted or not. We invite you to read our latest whitepaper, 'Online Reputation Management - What People Say about Your Business Matters ... a Lot'. In this whitepaper, you'll learn why your business' online reputation matters, how to take control and what you need to do today.

Back to School Special: Kids & Social Media

This may come as a shock, but kids like their smartphones ... and their iPads ... and laptops or even desktop computers. If you don't believe us, find a teenager and ask him; maybe he'll stop texting long enough to answer you.

One Pew Research poll from a couple of years ago found that kids were using their cellphones an average of 60 times a day to text someone or access social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram ... etc.

Speaking of Social, Look for Our Next White Paper… Coming Soon!

What you do on social media can have a big impact on how the public perceives your company. That's just one aspect of a rather complex subject known as "online reputation management." To help you explore this important topic more fully, SynchroNet is preparing an exclusive White Paper, Online Reputation Management: What People Say about Your Business Matters ... a Lot.

At SynchroNet, our mission is to help our customers maximize the return on their IT investments.

Part of how we accomplish this goal is by educating our customers, colleagues and friends on technology issues and topics that can affect productivity, security, and well-being. In this special edition of SynchroNews, we'll demystify Social Engineering so that you have the information you need to avoid Human Hacking and protect your valuable data.