EDR and SOC Solutions for Your Buffalo Business

Why Your Business Needs Modern EDR and SOC Solutions

There was a time when IT security for business owners was mostly centered on firewalls and antivirus software. To a certain extent, this was a sensible solution because information security in those days was mostly preventative, but this is no longer the right approach.

Protecting Your Business From Phishing

Protect Your Business from Phishing Through Staff Education and Training

The acclaimed television drama series "Mr. Robot," which ran on the USA Network through four seasons, focused on the chaotic life of an information security specialist who becomes embroiled with a radical group dedicated to hacktivism.

Why Physical and Cyber Security Go Hand in Hand

In the world of information security, there is a certain culture of appreciation for hacking skills. Kernel hackers, for example, are highly respected because finding vulnerabilities hidden within millions of lines of code is not an easy task. Two other hacking activities that rank pretty high on the underground totem pole are social engineering and physical penetration testing.

Cyber Security and Small Business

What Makes Cyber Security Insurance Essential for Small Business Owners?

Business owners do not have to operate global enterprises in order to reap the benefits of cyber insurance policies. As long as your company operations are largely contained within digital platforms, particularly those that connect to the internet, it doesn't really matter if your business is as small as a hot dog cart.

The Ongoing Convergence of IT Security and Cyber Insurance

Do I Really Need To Worry About Getting Hacked?
The rapid expansion of the cyber threat space affects business owners in just about every industry. Information security risks multiply at an exponential rate, which is why SynchroNet clients know that getting hacked is something they can count on happening these days.

The Time to Strengthen Your Cyber Defense is Now

The Cyber War Battlefield Has Changed
The time to improve the information security structure of your business is now; such was the gist of a speech delivered by United States President Joe Biden during the second quarterly Business Roundtable held by the White House this year.

What You Should Know About Cyber Security Insurance

Businesses And International Cyber Warfare
At the Q1 2022 Business Roundtable conference hosted by the White House, United States President Joe Biden explained the cyber security implications of Russia's decision to invade Ukraine in February. While this may sound like a topic that should be focused on protecting critical infrastructure and national security, the reason President Biden was talking about it before an audience of medium and small business is the cyber threat space has greatly expanded in recent years.

How to Increase Smartphone Security

The state of mobile security around the world is a popular topic of conversation among SynchroNet technicians. We get to meet many clients who are not aware of the multiple threats and risks they can bring into their businesses and personal lives just by using their smartphones in unsecure manners.