Phishing First Aid

Your work day has just begun. You're waiting for your coffee to cool enough to sip as your computer powers up. You open your email inbox. You see a message from your bank. You bemusedly wonder why your bank is sending a message to your work email rather than your personal address.

Will Healthier Employees Weaken Your Data Security Immune System?

Good companies care about their employees. Sadly, a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, supports the old admonition that we "always hurt the one we love." So while it's nice that businesses want to keep their workers fit, employee wellness programs may actually pose risks to the healthcare data of those very employees.

What Information is AutoFill Giving Away?

We often address the subject of security, so we want to warn you about new trick being employed by hackers: the information AutoFill is giving away.

If you've ever completed an online registration for anything, you've probably encountered the "autofill" function used by Google Chrome, Safari and other programs.

Are You Taking Chances with Your Cyber Security?

It's only human to know what's good for us but still not do it. The recent 2016 Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report from Symantec shows this also goes for protecting ourselves from cyber criminals. While we won't expect anyone to come out and admit it, look at a few of Symantec's findings and ask yourself if you're guilty.

Technology as Our 45th President Takes Office

Fair or not, WikiLeaks, "fake news" on social media, government by tweet ... these are byproducts of the computer-driven information age (a brave new technology world) that's widely associated with our incoming president. As a lesson to us all, however, the hacking of emails from Hillary Clinton-campaign workers and supporters (by whomever) should drive home the importance of securing our networks and data files.