How to Increase Smartphone Security

The state of mobile security around the world is a popular topic of conversation among SynchroNet technicians. We get to meet many clients who are not aware of the multiple threats and risks they can bring into their businesses and personal lives just by using their smartphones in unsecure manners.

What You Should Know About Firewall and WiFi Security

The firewall and WiFi router used to support a business data network are two elements of cyber security that are often taken for granted. In many do-it-yourself network installations, firewalls and routers are left with their default factory configurations, which invariably feature credentials for administrative access.

Understanding Malware Detection and Prevention

There was a time when cyber security for personal computers and workstations was mostly limited to installing a firewall along with a reliable and up-to-date antivirus application. This kind of approach, which is based on prevention, is largely insufficient nowadays.

5 Cyber Security Tips for the Average Person


Cyber security is a term that scares lots of people. Technology can seem to have a huge learning curve and attempting to learn something is like a full time job. However, some of the best ways to stay safe online are not too complicated. So, we wanted to provide 5 cyber security tips for the average person.

New Approaches to Malware Protection

Protecting your IT system against Malware is one of the most important parts of any data management plan. These troublesome programs are always updating and finding new ways to cause trouble in people’s systems. Luckily, as the attacks have evolved so have our strategies to fight them off.