Email Management in Buffalo by Synchronet

Are you having problems with your email? We can help decipher which ones are safe.

With texting, instant messaging, social networking available it's hard to tell if email communication is important for your business. You should know that email is still a very important part of any business operations.

Business Continuity Planning in Buffalo by Synchronet

Is your computer network safe? It’s time to make sure it is and your downtime is limited.

Almost every business depends on technology today. If there is any type of system failure, this can bring all productivity to a stop. You have to be productive in your business in order to stay in business.

Managed IT Services in Buffalo by Synchronet

Start the New Year With Managed IT From Synchronet

If you’re on this site reading this, you are more than likely a business looking to invest in IT security. Either your computer systems are down or you’re worried about something major happening to them and you want to prevent it from happening.

Project Management and Your IT … Do You Need Help?

Do you plan like the Big Boys?
When it comes to project management and your technology infrastructure, an important question arises: At what point do small and midsize businesses adopt the management practices of large enterprises? The answer depends: Will the required investment(s) will be rewarded through a sufficient increase in productivity? Or profit margin to justify the change.

If SynchroNet had Been Around in 1776 – Part 2

This is Part 2 in our Independence Day Celebration ... let's keep thinking about what would have happened if SynchroNet had been around in 1776. (Wait, did you read Part 1? Do that first!)
If SynchroNet had Been Around in 1776
Working with Lafayette
History buffs know how the French aristocrat, Marquis de Lafayette came to the aid of the American revolutionaries with his fortune and military leadership.

If SynchroNet Had Been Around in 1776 – Part 1

Timeline be Darned ... Because this is Going to be Good
On July 4, we’ll celebrate our nation’s birth—241 years ago. As it turned out, declaring independence was the easy part; we still had to fight the Revolutionary War. Sure, we won (ergo, the celebration) but we got to wondering how much more easily things might have gone for the Founding Fathers had they gone The SynchroNet Way.

Do You Have a Plan for Your Digital Estate?

Nothing's Certain Except Death and Taxes, Right?
Let's lighten things up and discuss managing your online affairs after you pass away because having a plan for your digital estate is more important than you think.

Downer though it may be, "digital estate planning" is something that not many people even think about.