Привет из России. Вы были взломаны. (“Greetings from Russia. You’ve Been Hacked.”)

Sometimes a theme asserts itself. We didn't start out to make Russia a focal point of this newsletter but once we selected our topics, we couldn't help but notice a commonality. We'll begin with something you may have heard about -- the hacking of Democratic Party emails by an organization known as Guccifer 2.0. US Intelligence officials and at least one cybersecurity firm believe cyberattacks on the Democratic National Convention and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee were likely carried out by hackers affiliated with the Russian government.

Find Your Motivation … and Find Success

While we're exploring ways to make your company a more productive and profitable organization, it's also important not to forget about the individuals involved ... including you! That's where personal motivation comes into play. Fortunately, there are a few things that each of us can do to feel more energized and confident in meeting our day-to-day challenges.

Our Brave New World

We've had Roombas running around homes for several years now, sweeping and vacuuming floors. It's easy to think of the gizmos as early versions of Rosie, the Jetson's robot maid. But even George Jetson did his own driving (or flying, actually). But times are changing.

About those New Credit Cards with the Chips …

Sometime in the past year, your credit card company probably sent you a new card -- one with an obvious chip installed on the front. (If you have not received one, don't worry, you will.) The new cards are rolling out to help improve security against fraud by encrypting customer data and by creating a one-time, unique code when used at a chip-enabled register.