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Any business worth their salt understands the importance of having adequate IT support. At SynchroNet, we offer just that. We know that the ins and outs of technology can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our know-how enables us to oversee these affairs with great ease and precision.

Microsoft Office 365

Outsource IT services are quite valuable for companies that do not have an IT support department. In most cases outsourcing is going to be the cheaper route for repairing and maintaining hardware. It is also going to be the most viable solution for companies that have a need for software that is up to date.

IT Services Strategy

The dynamics of technology can no doubt be daunting to a layman. Fortunately, with our expertise and aptitude, we make IT look easy. Established to make it easy for clients, we at SynchroNet offer IT support, maintenance, and security to companies in Buffalo.

IT Services

Much like our name suggests, we at SynchroNet offer smart IT resolutions. Since our inception, we’ve furnished countless companies with unparalleled IT support. From configuring firewalls and assuring software to updating virus protection and monitoring networks, our expertise is vast.


Managing your company’s technology systems is nothing short of taxing. Unless you’re a certified industry professional, these matters can be challenging - enter SynchroNet. At SynchroNet, we seek to breathe convenience into your organization’s IT operations.

IT Services and Support in Buffalo

IT Services are abundant in the day and age of technology. There are a number of different facets available. Companies that are part of the IT environment are providing a host of possibilities for customers who are in great need of network management, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and regular PC maintenance.

IT Support for Your Business

IT Support for Buffalo area companies from SynchroNet

IT support services are abundant, and many customers are in need of the wealth of services that these technology support companies can provide.

Cyber Security

There are a ton of people that have an interest in cyber-security options.

Online Reviews Are Important, Our Take

Thank you for the feedback! Have you taken a look at your online reviews lately? You know, Google, Yelp, Facebook... We all read reviews before making purchase decisions but how does this apply to your business? While each of us have a different business, with a different review application, reviews can make or break a customers decision to do business with you.

Technology Consulting in Buffalo by Synchronet

It’s time to have someone on staff with tech expertise for when a problem arises.

Usually, Small businesses and mid-sized businesses can’t afford to employ a full-time CIO (Chief Information Officer) or an IT technician because they don’t always have work for them to do on a daily basis, but when a tech problem arises they need one on staff and are left searching for help.