What We Are Learning Months Into a Quarantine

It has be difficult for many small business owners.  Some have fared better than others through strategic planning and acquistion of PPP or other funds, nevertheless, times have changed.  It can seem all bad, in the fighting, but there are always beautiful things to gain when we move from a position of fear to one of problem solving.

Always Hiring – Sales and Technical Support

One of the things SynchroNet prides ourselves on is having a culture which supports the lifestyles of our staff and provides a good living for those in the Buffalo area.  We are a managed IT Support company which means we are the company people call when their computers break, crash or simply confuse them.

How Managed IT Services Helps During a Crisis

If you have a company in Buffalo who is suffering under the weight of the coronavirus pandemic, we understand and feel your pain.  This is not an easy time for businesses, for our country, or for industry.

One of the things we focus on is how we can help clients who are struggling to figure out how to make it to next month, and surprisingly - there are some clients who are actually busier than ever (healthcare, for example).

When working with a Managed IT Services company, there are some key things you should be seeing - which we implement with all of our clients.

Fight or Flight Amid the Challenges?

The fight or flight response refers to a physiological reaction that arises in the face of something that is either mentally or physically threatening. When this response is triggered we either stay and deal with a threat or run away to safety. The 'fight or flight'  impulse is not new to human beings and can be traced back to choices our ancestors made when faced with danger in their environment.

How Coronavirus Has Shaped Our Company

We wanted to share our own experiences so far with coronavirus and not how it has been difficult, which it has been, but how it has been a blessing to our team as we learn how to work together, solve problem, help our customers and gain more empathy.

As an IT Services company in the Buffalo area, part of our job is to ensure our clients are ready for these kind of situations from a technology standpoint.

Finding a Managed IT Support Company in Buffalo

Every company that relies on computing to do business needs help with their IT at times.  It can be as simple as helping you get the right computers, training staff on programs, making sure stuff is integrated correctly, but there are some real benefits to managed IT in Buffalo.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Five Things To Know About the Cloud

Cloud computing is always changing. That is why you should stay updated on the current news and technological solutions.

1)Size Matters

In this case, size does matter. Do you know how large the cloud has become? Analysists have already projected that revenue for the cloud surpassed $120 billion in 2017. Analysist also predict the figures could double or triple in by 2021. That is how much people trust the cloud.

IT Support

Any business worth their salt understands the importance of having adequate IT support. At SynchroNet, we offer just that. We know that the ins and outs of technology can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our know-how enables us to oversee these affairs with great ease and precision.