A Guide To Holiday Activities In Buffalo, NY

The city of Buffalo is located in Erie County in the state of New York. It is known as the "Queen City of the Lakes." The city has 37 miles of coastline, which makes it an important commercial and industrial port. Buffalo is located on the shore of Lake Erie, near the Niagara River Falls. The Niagara River is born near Buffalo and flows north to the well-known Niagara Falls.

Motherland Connextions in Buffalo NY

Because of its proximity to Canada and Niagara Falls, there is no shortage of unique and impressive attractions in and around Buffalo, New York. However, there are more than a couple of distinctive things to do in the city itself. Motherland Connextions allows visitors to enjoy the underground railway. The Iron Island Museum invites tourists to explore the paranormal in the 1895 building, which was once a chapel and funeral home. Nature lovers can explore the delicate ecosystem in the parks and rivers of Buffalo, on tours led by Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper. There are other unique activities in Buffalo that you must add to the "must-do" list.


The Colored Musicians Club

Since its creation in 1918, The Colored Musicians Club in Buffalo has fed some of the most prominent African-American jazz musicians. After he settled in his current home in 1934, the place saw legendary interpretations of greats like Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Billy Holliday, Count Basie, and Ella Fitzgerald. Today, the Club offers regular jazz performances at night, in its intimate setting that still maintains the aura of legends from the past. On Sunday nights, musicians of any age can sit in the "Jam Sessions" Club. Lucky vacationers will be in town for the Queen City Jazz Festival that the Club organizes annually.

Forgotten Buffalo, Riverside Mens Shop, 783-89 Tonawanda Street

Forgotten Buffalo: Urban Tours

Promising to take tourists to all forgotten places and taverns, out of the conventional way, tours of Forgotten Buffalo combine food, drink, and history. Declared by the Buffalo News as an educational form of bar-to-bar tours as "unquestionably the best local entertainment," the television personality who became a tour guide, Maxwell Truth, makes guests laugh while they learn the history of the city. Beyond the chicken and beer wings served in the taverns, the tour makes its way through many unique neighborhoods of Buffalo, forgotten historical places and curiosities of the city as the largest collection of grain elevators in the world.


Spirit of Buffalo

Navigating the historic Erie Canal Harbor under the iconic red sails is just the tip of the iceberg of the trips offered by the Spirit of Buffalo. Nautical tourists can choose the educational programs offered by the company in which they will not only learn to hoist sails while sailing Lake Erie, and they will also learn about urban runoff, fish biology, navigation, and quality of the water. For visitors who prefer to experience a relaxing fantasy, Spirit of Buffalo offers Pirate Adventures. During a cape and sword trip, professional pirates offer guests treasure hunts, face painting, sailors songs, and pirate adventure stories. Other excursions offered by the Spirit of Buffalo are made up of sunset candles and wine tasting excursions.